Venues in Edmonton and Sherwood Park

As a photographer, I often get the questions 'What is the best location for my formal wedding photo?' or 'What is a good location where my kids will feel comfortable enough to get a great family portrait?'

The honest answer is that there is no best spot. The list of great venues is endless and it all depends on what style you prefer for the background. Are you going for a classic look (Legislature Building), an urban look (Commerce Place downtown), a country look (Ft. Edmonton Park) or perhaps a combination of styles?

Whether we are talking about venues for wedding shots, family portraits or even business headshots, Edmonton and Sherwood Park have an endless list of great locations to offer.

Following are a few of my favourites.

Let's travel from Downtown Edmonton to Sherwood Park:

We're leaving downtown now and are on our way to Sherwood Park:

There is one location I really recommend, but it can mean a bit of a travel:

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Other locations that come to mind are:

Some other alternative historical venues that you may be interesting in:

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