Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about family photography

What is your style of photography?

I use a journalistic approach for family photography. I never ask kids to pose or ask them to show their teeth. I simply give some direction to the kids as well as Mom and Dad. For me, photography is all about observing and capturing a moment that lets you read your family story behind the image.

Outdoors or in your studio?

I definitely prefer the outdoors for family photography! Not only because of natural light but it also provides a more relaxed environment for the kids. I let them run around and have an awesome time. That will give me the opportunity to capture your kids as they are. Yes, I do give directions, but only to make you as a family feel comfortable in front of my camera and to make you feel special. That day your family is my focus and very special to me! My goal is to have a fun filled family day.

What do we wear?

You know what? You don't have to buy new clothes for your session. If you're a jeans and t-shirt family, like my own family is, go for that. Above all, "keep it simple" is definitely my advice. It's not about being fancy; it's about you as a family. I suggest plain colored clothes in tones that complement one-another like off-white/beige/brown, or brown/grey/black for a winter session. No text, no patterns, no stripes. It will only date the image and distract from the main subject: your family as you are.

Is the session limited to one hour?

No. We take our time, especially with smaller kids. Sometimes they need a break, have a snack and some juice. And some locations offer so many photo opportunities it just takes longer. There are no extra charges beyond the session fee.

Fall is the best season, right?

I realize that most families think that fall is the most favourable season because of the beautiful colours in the background. But every season has its own charm and photography opportunities. Even winter. Actually, especially winter. It's Alberta's longest and most famous season. Just think of the opportunities. It creates a backdrop with a beautiful contrast between your family in the foreground, snowy, white background and a clear blue Alberta sky. Imagine the whole family walking on a frozen lake or field, or everybody having a snowball fight, kids being pulled on a sled by grandma and grandpa, or close-ups of toddlers with funny hats. Just some of suggestions!

How about summer? How about a session in a canola field, or at the lake? The opportunities are endless all year round!

What is the right location?

That is totally up to you. It really depends on what style you prefer. Classic (I think of the Legislature building), urban (I know great locations downtown), country (how about Fort Edmonton or a beautiful field or a corn maze)?

Or are we talking about a family with teenagers? I have a great location in mind with graffiti, brick walls, old warehouse doors, train tracks - just north of Whyte Ave.

I suggest you check out the Venues Page on this website for a little inspiration. Give me a call to find out what style fits best with your family and the kids' ages.

Do you travel?

For family photography up to 30 minutes travel by car is included in the session fee. If traveling takes longer we will arrange a different session fee to accommodate you.

What time of the day do we book our session?

For studio photography that is not an issue because it is a light measured and controlled environment.

Natural light, however, is tricky. An overcast day is perfect as natural, even light and we can go anywhere. We won't have to look for shade. On sunny days, however, natural light is best when the sun is low to capture warm light. So in spring, summer and fall I suggest sessions early in the morning, late afternoon or even early evenings. Of course we can look for shade, which at most locations that I mention on my Venues Page is available.

What if it rains?

Yes, of course that happens as well. I always wait until about an hour before the scheduled time of our session to decide if we go for it or not. In such a case we simply stay in touch. If weather doesn't permit, we just have to reschedule to another date and time that fits your family schedule. No extra fee for rescheduling due to weather.

Can we invite Grandma and Grandpa?

Absolutely do. I would love to meet Grandma and Grandpa. What better gift can you give to the other most important people in your life? They are very welcome, but try to limit it to Grandma and Grandpa. If sisters and brothers, being aunts and uncles, want to be involved, with or without their own kids, please tell them they can book me for their own family session on a separate occasion.

What is the investment?

The session fee is 149.00 for a studio session or on location. That covers the time and talent of the photographer only. Call or email me for rates of prints, canvasses or a CD with high resolution, professionally edited digital images.

When and how are my family photos available?

Expect it to take two weeks to professionally edit every single image. All of the images will be available on-line. You will get a password to your personal image file. You can also place your order on-line, whether it is for prints, canvasses, an album or ordering all the images on a CD.

Questions for wedding photography

What is your style of photography?

I prefer the journalistic style of photography instead of the traditional approach. To me, photographing a wedding is telling the story in images of the most important day of your life. It won't just be about the formal side of the day. It's about capturing those emotional, warm or even hilarious moments and details as well. For me, journalistic photography is THE tool to accomplish this. But don't worry - I will give some posing directions as well.

When do I book my wedding photography session?

I recommend to book as soon as possible after your engagement. Perhaps it's not the first thing you will be thinking of, but most photographers are booked nine months to a year before the wedding. Please contact me to avoid the mutual disappointment of me not being available at your big day.

Do I need engagement photos?

No, not necessarily, but there are a few good reasons to do an engagement session. First of all, it is great to document the joy of being engaged to the most special person in the world.

It is also a great opportunity to get to know me as a photographer and learn how to deal with a camera in front of you. You will be camera ready and much more comfortable in front of the camera at your wedding, and that will reflect in your wedding photos.

Another good reason? Most couples use their engagement photos for their invitations and wedding guestbook. Great idea!

Is there consultation included?

I consider it an honor to be your wedding photographer and in my experience meeting each other is very useful, if not necessary. And not only once, but throughout several stages of preparing for the wedding.

First of all, I think it's important to meet each other in person. I don't believe in 'just showing up' on the most important day of your lives. I want to get to know you two as a couple - how did you meet and where, what do you have in common, do we use these facts in the photography? I also want to talk to you about locations, what is my style of photography and what are your expectations and I want to show you my portfolio.

Closer to the wedding I will contact you again and we can talk more in detail - who is involved in what role, exact locations, procedures, who's on the list of must-have formal photos, who are the people I should pay special attention to, etc? And finally, I will be at the rehearsal - what is the procedure of the ceremony, what are the different angles of natural light, how close can I get to the couple during the ceremony, am I allowed to use flash?

What is the investment for wedding photography?

I split up the day in several stages of your wedding, from getting ready to the first dance at the reception. Every part has its own price tag, so you will be able to put together your own package.

I do, however, prefer to cover your day from getting ready to at least the first dance. That's the best way to show the full story of your big day so you can relive your special day again.

Whichever package you choose will include a CD with all of the high resolution, professionally edited images. The CD comes with a release letter for copyright.

I suggest we meet and go through the details of the investment together. Please contact me to set a day and time. No obligations!

Do you charge a down payment?

I charge a 500.00 non-refundable down payment. The rest will be payable on the wedding day, or at the rehearsal if you prefer not to carry a cheque on the day itself.

What equipment do you use and do you have back-up equipment?

I work with professional equipment only: my main camera is a Canon 5D Mark III, but I bring 2 extra Canon 5D Mark II cameras. I use 2 lenses, a wide angle and a 200mm zoom lens. I have numerous batteries for both my cameras and my flash. So whatever happens I always have plenty of backup equipment. I don't take risks.

Do you have suggestions for the venues?

Lots! Deciding on the location for your formal wedding photography depends on the style you prefer. Check out my Venues Page for some inspiration. Many of the locations I went to with new couples for their formal photos are listed there.

Do we need a second photographer?

That is up to you. Having a second photographer will allow me to have more freedom in my creativity while the other photographer catches the 'must-have' images. It also depends on how many people attend the ceremony and the reception. Until now I was the only photographer at most weddings, however, I am aware that more and more couples prefer to work with two photographers. I now offer the services of a second professional photographer as well. We can discuss further details when we meet.

Can we include personal props?

Definitely. I've had couples bring umbrellas, hockey sticks, golf clubs, cool sunglasses and even cars. Bring whatever you want to include. It will be fun!

When are our images ready?

It will take about 4 to 6 weeks to professionally edit all of the images I select. Images are selected and edited at the photographer's discretion. I reserve the right to edit and release only those images I consider creditable and professional and within my artistic standards as a professional photographer. Count on 400 to 500 fully edited high resolution images on your CD.

Will the images be available on-line and how long?

The images will also be available on-line for family and friends to order their favorite photos. I will provide a link to a private on-line gallery that you can share. Your wedding photos will be available on-line for 4 weeks.

How long will you keep our wedding photos on file?

After the 4 weeks that the photos are available on-line I will make a backup on an external hard drive. The backup will be available for 1 year.

Do you offer albums?

A lot is available on-line in various qualities but as a strong believer in quality versus quantity I offer high end printed albums only. We can work on the process together. I'll make suggestions on style and the images I prefer to implement, you make your own suggestions and together we'll create an exclusive and classy album that will tell your complete wedding story.

Questions about newborn & maternity photography

When do I book my newborn photography session?

Definitely book in advance, in order to be sure I have time available to do the session when the baby is 3 - 10 days old. I will reserve time for your session around the due date + 3 days. I suggest you add me to the list of people you will call after the baby is born. We can set an exact date then.

When do I book a maternity session?

I prefer to do maternity photography in the 7th or 8th month of your pregnancy.

Where does the session take place?

We can do it at my studio or at your place. It's up to you. If we do it at your house I need good natural light, preferably a window facing north. I will also bring studio lights.

How long does a newborn session take?

Count on 2 to 3 hours. We will take our time. If the baby is hungry or needs to be comforted you can absolutely take all the time you need for that. No need to be nervous if the baby is a bit fussy. Please make sure your baby is fed when we start the session. A fed baby is a sleepy baby is ideal for the photo shoot. Another tip: please loosen the baby's diaper and take off socks about half an hour before the session, so no marks will show when we start.

My baby is 3 months old. Is that too late?

Definitely not. The only difference will be that your baby will be awake most of the session. That asks for a different approach in which it's easier to involve Mom and Dad and capture the interaction between you and your baby.

Can I bring my own props?

Absolutely! I have props like cute hats, blankets, diaper covers and baskets but feel free to bring your own. It will add something personal.

Can we involve Mom, Dad and siblings?

Of course and I encourage it. Although the session is mainly about the new baby, I love to involve you two and the big brother or sister to capture those special feelings a newborn brings out in you.

What do we wear?

White/off-white/beige clothing creates a serene atmosphere that fits the purity of the new baby. If you prefer other colors, go for that, but I do suggest solid colored clothes in tones that complement one-another. No text, no patterns, no stripes. It will only date the image and distract from the main subject: you and your new baby.

What's the investment?

Please call or drop me an email for price information.

Do you sell the digital images?

Yes, but it's hard to put a price on a single digital image. Therefore I sell all the digital images as one package. All images will be the high resolution version and professionally edited. The CD with all the images comes with a Release Letter for Copyright which gives you the opportunity to have as many prints as you need for yourself, grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, or whoever you need a personal gift for.

When and how are the images available?

Give me two weeks to professionally edit every single image. All the images will be available on-line. You'll get a password to your personal image file. You can also place your order on-line, whether it's for prints, canvasses, an album or ordering all the images on a CD.

Do you sell albums?

I do. But because there is so much to find on-line and in so many quality levels, I offer high-end printed albums only. Please contact me for price information.